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Service Club

Every 4th service absolutely free!!


  •  Just ask for a service club tag
  •  Anybody, any make, any model!
  •  Everybody's welcome!
  •  It's easy!

How do I join Service Club?

service club

It's really simple!
Just ask for a service club tag and attach it to your car keys. Each time we service your car we will punch your tag. When you have three punches, you'll receive your 4th service absolutely free!!

What if I want to change my car?
No problem!
If you have three punches, we’ll give you the value of your free service off any new or used car instead!

Sounds good! how do I get one?
It's easy!
Just click here to contact your nearest Peugeot Dealer, and request that the club tags will be sent to you. Service Club tags can also be picked up by calling into any participating Peugeot Dealer.

Can anyone join?
Anybody, any make, any model!
We take pride in servicing your car, no matter what make or model. We always use your manufacturer's recommended parts and top quality oils.

Excellent! can I tell my friends?
Everybody's welcome!
Just tell us how many tags you need. Give them to your family and friends. This great offer is open to everyone.

Service Club - What is included?

car with mag glass

What is included?

All our customers’ cars are serviced with care and attention to detail by qualified technicians.


On your 4th Free Service, here’s what we’ll do...

- Drain the old engine oil and refill with new oil
- Remove the old oil filter and fit a new one
- Drain the fuel filter (Diesel engines)
- Inspect the pollen filter
- Check the engine coolant and top it up
- Check your battery’s condition
- Check and adjust clutch and handbrake
- Check brake and steering fluid levels and top them up
- Check all tyres for wear or damage and correct tyre pressure
- Visually inspect front and rear brakes for wear
- Visually inspect suspension and brake lines
- Check all lights, wipers and refill washer fluid
- Diagnostic check
- Test drive

Any extra repairs required will be reported to you and rectified only with your authorisation.

At participating dealers only. Please note, punches are non-transferable between different dealers, and three services must be carried out by the same dealer to qualify for a free service.Once 3 punches have been collected on your tag, your Peugeot dealer will carry out the fourth service on your car to the value outlined in their terms and conditions. Ask your local Peugeot Dealer for details. 

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